A unique stay

Tue 4 Dec 2012

I have recently returned home after spending a week with Grizedale Arts in the Lake District.  The week was highly enjoyable and a unique experience. From the first day I spent my time working on a range of tasks, such as feeding the pigs/geese, cutting down holly for the Christmas decorations and cooking apple pies for a village meal. A less successful task was my attempt at unblocking a drain in an icy puddle which confirmed my fears that my southern roots where not made of tougher stuff! Informing friends of my recent activities, there seemed to be a consenting confusion and an asking of ‘Why? ‘. My answer, which I can say more confidently in retrospect of my stay, was ‘Why not’.

Art comes in many different shapes, sizes and pretentious prices and thus Grizedale comes as a refreshing change as an organization that is concerned with the little things that help a community sustain and grow, as well as maintaining a respected presence in the big, bad art world.  

I left Grizedale with a clearer and stronger understanding of art’s relationship with society, however my plumbing skills, sadly are yet to be improved. 


Just thought a word re the bracken. I returned from the Coniston Japenese-cum-Lake District food party very excited about being able to make something of the bracken shooting up on the hill. Went bracken gathering and prepared it. My hosts not so keen on eating it - and after consultation with sheep veterinary book and Richard Mabey (Guide to Edible Wild Plants) they confirm that it contains carcinogens. Admitedly the blindness in the sheep is caused from eating large amounts over time, and raw, but not sure that the boiling removes the carcinogens. I think that we'll be alright from Saturday, but export business perhaps not such a great idea. Shame!

It is with great sadness that we heard of the death of JOHN CLAPPISON. TODAY 22ND FEB 2012. A GREAT DESIGNER he will be missed by all at the Hornsea Pottery and Research Society.

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