History of Grizedale Arts, Sculpture and Land Art, Landscape/Nature/Natural History, projects predating 'Roadshow'.

Wood Sculpture
Fernando Garcia-Dory: Voces Del Puertu
Hand to Earth
House & Garden
Michael Myers: Joints
Beauty, Horror and Immensity
Wildlife Garden Notebook
The Book of Imaginary Beings
Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography
Witherby's Sound-Guide to British Birds
Noriaki Maeda: Sculptures Installations
British Birds and Their Nests
Mountain Accidents 2003
Peter Hodgson Photocopies for Live in Your Forest
The shotgun
Tacita Dean
The Small Garden
The Festival of Lying Beermat
Struktuur 68
Feral children and clever animals : reflections on human nature
Kerry Stewart 'Let's Get Married Today' Photographs
Grizedale Newsletter April–May 2001
Common Wild Flowers
DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park
Mountain Time - Human Time
The Festival of Lying Flyer
David Nash: Sculpture, 1971-90
Racer Untitled
The Science of Living Things
The Great Escape Programme Notes
Grizedale Games
Lawless Car Boot Sale Flyer
Back to the Sun
Sculpture in 20th Century Britain: A Guide to Sculptors in Leeds Collections Vol 2
James Turrell - Deer Shelter
Trout Book
Contemporary sculpture : projects in Munster 1997
A Different Weekend Flyer
The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers
The Meadow Network
Grizedale Newsletter No.2/00
Arte Sella: 1998
Tess of the d'Urbervilles
Grizedale Arts: Adding Complexity to Confusion Proofs
Grizedale Events in 2001 Flyer
A Different Weekend Sticker Sheet
The Shell Country Book
The Countryside and How to Enjoy It
The Shape of the Century
Grizedale Newsletter No. 02/00
Lost time
Hidden Beauties of Nature
Big mouth
Shigeo Toya
Treks & Passes of Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal
School of the Woods
The Eye of the Storm
The Compleat Angler (Wordsworth Classics)
Leo Fitzmaurice: Sometimes the things you touch come true
Steve Hollingsworth
Green Heart
Collins Guide to Border Plants
The Best Place
Meadow Flowers in Summer
British Herbs
Kimio Tsuchiya: Locus
Life in Ponds & Streams
Grizedale Artogrammes
Canopy: A Work for Voice and Light in Harvard Yard
Taxidermy a complete manual
History and Landscape
Flower & Leaf
Hans Waanders: Perches
Butterfly Book for the Pocket
Trees and Shrubs
Art out of Place
The Forest and the Forester
More Common Wild Flowers
Thomson & Craighead
Diane Maclean: Landscape
Some British Moths
David Mach Magazine Installation: Between the Lines
Andy Goldsworthy
The Grizedale experience : sculpture, arts & theatre in a Lakeland Forest
Entry Level Stewardship
The Shape Changer
The Squirrel Book
Grey weighted notes: Comharran throma ghlasa
Grizedale Arts Assorted Photographs
Toya Shigeo
Grizedale Arts Assorted 35mm Slides
Cities Gardens Memory
Natural Order
Smokey Bear - Friend of the Forest
Giuliano Mauri: Arte Nella Natura 1981-1993
Grizedale Newsletter No.01/99
Rural Art Space Symposium
Arte Sella: 1992
Mushrooms & Toadstools
A Land
Exploring nature
The Wonders of Nature
It Rocks, But Gently Flyer
Highland Roadworks
Ornamental Shrubs
Signals in The Animal World
The Flower Garden
Finn Family Moomintroll
A School Flora
Pollinate: Encounters with Lakeland Flowers
Wolf Children and the Problem of Human Nature
The Fruit Garden Displayed
Wider View
Andy Goldsworthy at Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Notcutts Plants
Explore and Enjoy Grizedale Forest Park
Eduardo Chillida: Words and Images
Birds as Individuals
Nature's Engraver
Handbook for a Mobile Settlement
Coke on the Rocks
The Great Escape Flyer
You Out There Painted Evil
Minerals and Rocks in Colour
Kerry Stewart
The Raw Garden
Uncommon Wild Flowers
Animal Behaviour
Robert Smithson : the collected writings
Book of Ducks
The Countryside Monthly
Tree Fruit Growing
Camouflage and mimicry
Water An Art Walking Route In The Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes
Into the Abysss
Family and Community in Ireland
Marcus Coates
Animal Navigation
At the edge of the forest : David Nash: sculpture and projects 1989-1993 : 22 April - 19 June 1993.
The Strangled Cry of the Writer-in-Residence (Casebook of non-Sherlock Holmes)
Animal Wonderland
Berried Treasure
The Twilight Readings
Fossils in Colour
Henry Moore
Flower Spotting - Science is Fun
Birds of Hill and Forest
Wild Flowers
Earth Air Fire Water: The Sculpture of Toshikatsu Endo
Grizedale Map and Guide
Grizedale Live Artist Profiles
Notes on Shooting
File 01
Grizedale Live Flyer
Anthony Caro
Nature Centre
Wild Flowers of the Wayside and Woodland - a pocket guide
The pictorial encyclopedia of insects.
Wolfin' it Down in the Forest
The Scare Pig Project
Wild Flowers
Krakamarken Land Art As Process
Reflections on Grizedale
British Birds Vol. 3
Trilogy: Art, Nature, Science (Danish Edition)
Pelagoniums & Fuchsias
English Wild Flowers

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