Anchorhold 2

'Anchorhold 2' is a red-coloured timber structure installed at Lawson Park in 2018, of about 4m x 4m x 4m. It was originally designed and built to host a collectively-organised artists’ programme, as part of a wider project with Hai Art in Hailuoto, Finland.

This version was re-built with a re-configured concrete plinth in collaboration with Georgia Battye & Jack McCallum.



Anchorhold 2 in summer 2018

A new cement plinth was installed in order to support the structure and enhance its relationship to the surrounding landscape. We now plan to convert into a sauna overlooking the lake. The sauna will be electrically powered from the hostel, with only a small transparent perspex window forming the 'roof light'. 

The name ‘Anchorhold’ refers to the history of Anchorites, the term for religious hermits or living saints who were particularly widespread during the early Medieval period. Anchorites would withdraw from secular society in order to lead an intensely prayer-focused life, and were bound to a single space of enclosure; typically an individual cell, attached to a religious building. In many cases they were sustained by the church and community of which they were a part, and provided counsel to members of the public and wider community.

Anchorhold was built in homage to these cells, and to the early traditions of contemplation and counsel. The original project was a collaboration led by Grizedale Arts with Charlie Sutherland of Sutherland Hussey Harris architects, artist Marcus Coates and the Finnish host organisation Hai Art, built in collaboration with local artists and the Hailuoto community. The structure has since hosted a wide range of uses.