The Gate House

The Gate House has been has been designed and built by architects Freddie Wiltshire & Billy Adams, assisted by Tom Philipson & volunteers.


Part of a small suite of structures in our Kitchen Garden, the Gate House marks the access to the Kitchen Garden from the public bridleway that divides our garden. Close to the Composting Bins, the structure offers a little shelter from the rain and a frame to the related buildings and growing spaces beyond.

It is constructed mainly from locally-sourced larch, which we have found to be a durable material in our damp conditions. Larch shingles have been dipped in pine tar for waterproofing, and wall cladding has been treated to the Japanese wood-charring technique of Shou-sugi-ban, creating lustrous black surfaces contrasting with brightly painted gate.  

Freddie & Billy first visited Grizedale Arts as students with tutor Takeshi Hayatsu, who has since collaborated extensively with us.