The Plant Room

This little traditional farm building -  close to the bedroom 'wing' of Lawson Park Farmhouse- probably dates from the late 19th / early 20th C. It is said that the farm pig occupied the lower tier, while hens were kept cosy on the floor above. An infilled 'hatch' remains visible, where the pig would have entered the building.

Artist Francesca Ulivi arranges House of Ferment items outside the Plant Room in 2015.


During the major site refurbishment of 2007-9, the room was reconfigured to contain all the technology relating to our water supply and the ground source heat pump that heats (underfloor) the main building. Tradespeople servicing the site in recent years have commented that the kit is so over-specced that, "It could power a small hospital, this." Unfortunately, and despite this observation, the system has proved rather prone to breaking down, proving to be an expensive - if environmentally-friendly - solution for Lawson Park.

On the West facing elevation of the building, a fig 'Rouge de Bordeaux' was planted in 2011. It has yet to fruit, probably as its protective glasshouse blew alway in a gale shortly after that. In 2019 though, we see a few baby fruits thanks to last year's heatwave.