Dining Table

Wapke Feenstra
Nationality of Designer
Grizedale Arts
Manufacturers Location
Coniston, England (UK)
Steel, plywood, paint


Wapke Feenstra customised dining table 


Made during Wapke’s 2009 Grizedale Arts residency

Personal history/nominator

Suggested by Wapke as a solution to the problem of a multi functional residency table



Why it's in the Collection

Wapke was commissioned to make the Lawson Park dining room table made for the main and central (physical, social, theoretical) space in the building. Wapke used her familiar technique of overpainted plywood grain combined with supporting structure produced by Process Pipework Services of Ulverston.

The tables offer a functional solution for a variety of different uses – meetings, casual eating, formal eating, working surfaces. The tables can be configured in several ways for the different functions. The surface is a particularly strong specialist water based varnish that is unusually clear and very tough – thanks to Wapke’s multitude of layers and constant crys of ‘lak’. 

The tables are often made and sold by Wapke as part of her installations and gallery product. The artist’s enhancement of the ‘natural’ wood offers a multi layered reading of our relation to nature. People often comment that the artist’s  ‘scribbling’ has ruined the natural beauty of the wood, rather ignoring the mechanized wood production techniques employed to produce the natural effect – from forestry plantation to lazar cut finish. The tables sit comfortably in this maze of misunderstandings that Authenticity collection illustrates, a ‘local’ obsession with appropriateness


About the Designer/Maker

Born on a dairy farm in Friesland (Netherlands), the artist Wapke Feenstra (b. 1958) currently lives and works in Rotterdam (Netherlands). With Kathrin Böhm (UK/DE) and Antje Schiffers (DE), she is one of the founders of the myvillages.org. A collective of artists interested in rural culture, their own village origins and the part the ‘small town’ culture can play in the wider world. 

The International Village Shop and Bibliobox are two of the myvillages collaborative projects which are run on a long-term basis. Connecting different villages, Wapke and her colleagues organize multidisciplinary conventions, sell goods in ephemeral shops, make publications and conferences, create exhibitions and screen films.

About the Manufacturer

The stainless steel components were made by PPS in Ulverston with the Birch-faced ply tops were constructed at Grizedale. All painting and varnishing was done by Wapke.


Bibliography & Further information

Images of Farming, edited by Wapke and Antje Schiffers with Jap Sam Books in May 2011.

Wapke’s Grizedale Arts residency