Roadshow mug

A mug's history of design
Mark Titchner
Nationality of Designer
Grizedale Arts
Manufacturers Location
Grizedale, Cumbria, England (UK)
Earthenware clay, sprig mould
Height 10cm
Purchase Price
Free promotional item


Promotional mug


This mug was produced as a promotional freebie and given away on the Grizedale Arts Roadshow touring project. Other promotional/marketing artists projects included posters by Minerva Cuevas. The touring marquee designed by Flatpack001 is now converted into a garden shed at Lawson Park.

Personal history/nominator

The mug is based on the standard promo pottery mug as developed by the ‘tasteful’ earthy branded organisations like the National Trust and the Woodland Trust. The mug could fit into practically all the Collection’s categories, being a mug, branded, fake and a classic example of modernism gone bad. Titchner’s roundel was the artist's ‘brand’ for posters and advertising for Roadshow and depicts an ambiguous group of people forging ahead which could be space travellers, a band, army, religious group etc.



Why it's in the Collection

An example of a product from one of the Grizedale projects - the mug is a critique of a marketing culture that co-opts idealism as a branding strap.

About the Designer/Maker

Mark Titchner (b. 1973) was born in Luton, graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 1995, and was nominated for the Turner prize in 2006. Titchner has a successful international career reworking retro political slogans in a trademark referential and decorative style. He also produced a pair of banners for the Roadshow with the slogan ‘When the Music Changes the Walls of the City Shake’ amazingly a quote from Plato’s Republic (they knew the power of pop music even back then?).


About the Manufacturer

Made by Adam Sutherland, director of Grizedale Arts, airing a childhood skill.

Bibliography & Further information

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Minerva Cuevas