Ryan Gander love cups

When modernism goes bad
Ryan Gander/ Adam Sutherland
Nationality of Designer
Manufacturers Location
Lawson Park, The Lake District (U.K)
Clay, glaze
Purchase Price


Ceramic cup and saucer.


None, good condition, minus one or two breakages. 

Why it's in the Collection

Gander's love cup (full title, 'Another Ryan Gander Original Made in Grizedale Forest by Potters') is based on a rustic Japanese interpretation of Josef and Anni Albers' Bauhaus glass, silver and ebony 'Lover's Teaglass', itself based on the designs of Christopher Dresser for James Dixon and Sons, which in turn were copies of Japanese sake vessels collected on Dresser's 1876 tour of Japan. See what he's done there? But why?

Recently, Gander's love cups were featured in, 'The Re-Coefficients Dining Club' event and also, 'Can Art Save Us' both held at the Millennium Galleries in Sheffield.

About the Designer/Maker

Ryan Gander (b. 1976) was born in Chester and shot to art stardom after his Loose Associations lecture, first performed at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, when he was a student there in 2002. 

Often described as a storyteller as much as an artist, his work contains various narratives, subplots and associations to cultural history and personal anecdotes. However, often solutions to his mysteries and long tales remain a secret. So, what does it all mean? 

Perhaps the words of Walter Benjamin can help as he states, ‘half the art of storytelling is to keep a story from explanation as one reproduces it’.

Gander has been involved with Grizedale Arts since 2003, where he designed the programme for Let's Get Married Today and participated in Romantic Attachment 2004/05.

He has also formed a one-year gallery, Associates, in Shoreditch, giving 12 unsigned artists the chance to show their work. The gallery Limoncello now occupies the same site.

Bibliography & Further information

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