Pewter mug

A mug's history of design
Circa 1950s
Prinknash Abbey
Manufacturers Location
Gloustershire, England (U.K)
Pewter glaze, earthenware
Height 9.6cm x Diameter 8.6cm


Pewter glazed mug


None, excellent condition

About the Manufacturer

The Prinknash Abbey Pottery was founded in 1942 by the monks when they found a seam of clay during some building work. Their work is typically red earthenware, often with a metallic pewter-like glaze.

The Benedictine monks continued to make pottery at the abbey in Granham, Gloucestershire until 1997 when the pottery was sold to the Welsh Porcelain Co.

Today, their main income is from the manufacture and sale of incense. Prinknash Abbey is the oldest major incense blender in Europe and have been blending incense since 1906 when the community was on Caldey Island. They sell around 4,000 kg of incense each year and export it worldwide.

Over the years the Abbey has developed a beautiful bird and deer park in the grounds. The park has a large collection of peacocks, exotic pheasants and oddly a few pygmy goats. Apparently, the park recently took in a collection of peacocks that were made homeless when a local animal hospital closed down.

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