The Bog Garden

The Bog Garden lies to the north of the warden's cottage, around a natural stream that flows to the Wildflower Meadow below. Though a private part of the garden, it can be seen from many other vantage points and offers year-round interest to views from the cottage and meadow. 

This garden was developed around 2004/5 with many donated sand seed-grown plants that we had seen to thrive locally.

A mature willow  - one of the only features of the site when the organisation moved here - offers shelter and little shade for a wide range of plants enjoying the relatively rich soil in this area. It now hosts a vigorous white rambling rose grown from seed. The stream alongside often dries up, so the plants need to be adaptable and tough. Their vigour means we need to review the borders every 3 years or so to reduce the vigour of things like the flag irises and aruncus.


Raison d'etre

We have comparatively rich soil by the two streams on the site, so it's an ideal spot to grow demanding and showy plants that can be easily seen from the meadow and cottage but may be bit exotic elsewhere. 

A selection of plants

Date Established



Karen Guthrie, George Watson, James Herd

About the designers/maker/s

Karen Guthrie has gardened at Lawson Park since 2002. George Watson contributed a great deal to this area of the gardens, donating plants and landscaping it along with waller James Herd.

Adaptions / renovations

The natural stream had its banks 'walled in' to try and regulate the flow by James Herd in 2008