The Nuttery

A small but growing collection of nuts sited at the North end of the garden, in the open between the main area surrounding our buildings and the Paddies.

The Nuttery

Beginning with a selection of hazelnuts (filberts) and a sweet chestnut, we recently added a further chestnut as the first was bearing barren fruits (despite being considered a self-fertile variety). We have yet to consume a nut from this garden, but hazels succeed elsewhere on the site, so it's just a matter of time or squirrels.

Each tree needs to be deer fenced as they are sited in a seldom-visited area of the site, browsed often by roe and red deer. A path is lightly mown around the trees for access.

Raison d'etre

When you already have an Orchard, then you move on to a Nuttery

A selection of plants

Date Established



Karen Guthrie with Adam Hughes

About the designers/maker/s

Karen has been the Head Gardener since 2002, with Adam Hughes joining the team in 2016