The Pond

Our natural pond lies on the western edge of the site, near the junction of the public bridleway and bike / walking routes into the Grizedale Forest.

The pond is a natural feature, a drinking area for deer and a night roost for wild ducks, who we hear from time to time. Before the Forestry Commission felled the farmed trees beyond in 2016/17, the pond was very dark and rather depressing. But now, it's very open to light and therefore grows many more native species on top of a very few introduced plants.

The pond is semi-concealed by the Bird's Nest Fence, a feature developed to discourage visitors from disturbing the pond's wildlife - a structure which we renew every few years, made by weaving waste forest brash (discarded or broken branches collected in winter) onto uprights - much like making a basket.

A selection of plants

About the designers/maker/s

That would be Mother Nature

Adaptions / renovations

The Bird's Nest Fence was established to shelter the wildlife using the Pond and make an attractive boundary to the turning circle. It gives us nice winter job to do every few years, coppicing the wood and weaving it all together.