A Shepherds School

As a Micro Kingdom of Utopia

Agriculture, Art, Artist Residency, Farming


A publication illustrating the activities and intentions of Fernando Garcie Dory's (Grizedale artist-in-residence 2011) Shepherds School. The first course at the school was in 2007 in the northern mountain ranges of Spain with the intention of preserving the shepherd culture there. 

Each year there is an open call in February for interested people to apply, an average of 15–20 per year. Then there is a weekend of interviews and tests and the shepherds select the pupils for the course. In May they start the theory part, for a whole month, with subjects such as Mountain Ecology, European Farming Policies, Cheese making, Veterinary, Zootechnics and Animal Phisiology, or Shepherds Culture. In June they go up to the mountains to stay with their shepherd-teacher for 4 months, living everyday life and learning the practice. The project also rebuilds mountain huts, cheesemakeing ateliers and milking rooms, as common property open to newcomers. Once a pupil finishes the course, if interesed in starting his or her own flock and farm, they will get advise and support in every aspect.