My Bad



My Bad comprises an entirely newly commissioned installation and sculptural pieces, transforming Mission Gallery's space.

Bedwyr Williams observes the world with a sharp eye and wry humour. His work includes a wide range of media, including performance, sculpture, painting and photography, and explores such things as what it means to be an artist living in his native Wales with big feet and a sense of the absurd.

The publication accompany the exhibition.

The Welsh artist is a natural comedian, a one-off in a solemn art world that is too busy for humour. He cannot stop pointing this out. Chosen to represent Wales at the 2005 Venice biennale, he spent three months recording the miseries of the artist-in-residence experience – the disorientation, the misunderstandings, the lack of a getaway car, the loneliness at parties and the social faux pas. Instead of working the system, the only work he produced was a rueful diary calledBasta – Italian for "enough".