George Orwell A Life

Bernard Crick

Biography, Conduct Of Life, Essay, Literature, Politics, Writers
Bernard Crick


The first full biography of one of the greatest writers of the twentieth-century. Bernard Crick is the first writer to have been given complete access to the Orwell Estate and to the Orwell archives. It is the gripping story of a man who combined so many conflicting qualities. Professor Crick confronts the multiple paradoxes of Orwell by avoiding the simple distinctions between the man and his work, and traces the complex relationship by concentrating on how the essays and books came to be written and published. It is not enough to read Orwell's fiction as disguised autobrography, nor can his documentary work be treated as merely recorded fact. By focusing on the direct evidence still available, Bernard Crick throws new light on the complex relationship between Orwell's life and his writings.