New Community: In the Open City

Anyang Public Art Project 2010

Anyang, Contemporary Art, Korea, Urban Development
25 x 18,5 cm
Original Language


Korean cities are under constant and radical transformations, to an astonishing degree. The process is violent, often a total erasure of the past on behalf of the new. The result is a highly fragmented and largely homogenized urban landscape – mostly parceled into rather unattractive and virtually identical hi-rise apartment complexes. For an example, “The Lonely Planet,” the internationally popular tour guide, graded Seoul as the world’s third least attractive city to visit, because of its “Soviet-styled apartment buildings.” With most existing urban structures and systems economically relevant for no more than 20 years, cities are becoming patchworks of tabula rasa to be redeveloped over and over again.

Anyang Public Art Project 2010 (APAP 2010) is an inquiry about the idea, belief and structure of NEW COMMUNITY that could sustain and advance within the transformative and ephemeral conditions of contemporary cities. For this, APAP 2010 will be grounded in two principal theories of urban metaphysics: first, in Urban Ecology, the idea that humanmade ecology of the artificial is a reflection of the ecology of nature; second, in Public Culture, a practice of art as a multi-disciplinary, research-based and process-oriented collaboration with the public and its various cultures. Finally, the projects of APAP 2010 are organized into three following programs.