Blast from the Past

Posted 2008/11/24 12:01


Keen Grizedale blog fans will remember that our builders found a letter from a teenage Sean Garner from 1984 secreted in the wall of Lawson Park from the days when it wasa hostel for Scousers.

Well our message in bottle type response has now come back to reveal that Sean is alive and well with 5 children working his own IT business (him that is not the





Sent: 15 November 2008 14:01

To: alistair, Grizedale Arts

Subject: RE: [] Contact

Hi there Alistair,


For me, those days at the Park are a distant memory; but what the

experience did do was bring a rag-tag set of young lads; whom didn't

know each other; together. ...

The only name I remember is Karl Walsh; in fact I recently got

in contact with Karl via FaceBook of all things! Looking a another

social website, Friendsreunited, you will actually see old pictures of

your Park uploaded by a few ex-Riversdale students, if you ever get the

chance may be worth having a look!

For me, it was a great place; I really enjoyed the stay. That said,

nothing changes as only recently a newly formed team of managers of

which I'm apart did a short team building spell in the Brecken Beacons;

again that simple formula works at bringing people together.

When I left Riversdale I had a change of career direction, heading for

the IT industry as opposed to my original path of Merchant sailor.

Entering at the right time, I have enjoyed continual success ever since

and bounced around the planet on business. Now I have my own team of

people whom manage complex and secure networks on a global scale.

However, my true success is in my long standing relationship with my

wife of 18yrs Catherine whom I've known since school and our 5 children!

Guess that's me in a nutshell, a far cry for that over keen individual

whom spelling was obviously a big issue at the time! But did the Park

have any effect; I think so as that short week during my informative

years prepared me for a life time of forming relationships with people

under various circumstances.

Thanks for the invite, I'll let you know if I'm due up there or if I can

justify a team visit to see how they cope in the pitch black :)

Kindest Regards,