World of Pork

Posted 2011/02/15 09:36

There's pork all over the place at the moment; brining in buckets, bubbling in pots, outside in the smoker, hanging in the porch and in the kitchen, in the fridge and in two freezers. We have made potted pork, five different kinds of sausages, ham, bacon, pate, tongue confit, lard, crackling, stock, plus all the other usual cuts like shoulder, ribs etc. The ears went to Alistair's mother-in-law who used them for a Chinese New Year dish, we've used it in a stew for a dinner for 22 school kids visiting from Gravesend and packs of bacon have been handed out as an alternative to Thank You cards. Anyway, we have used every bit of this lovely pig we reared and still have tons left which will feed a lot of visitors over the next six months. We have a new little grower in the field now, a boy called Collingwood, he's keeping Octavia Hill 'company'. He's a bit of a sex pest but as he's only a quarter of her size, I don't think she's noticed.