I wouldn't mind waking up to that

Posted 2008/08/15 19:31

Not something you get to see everyday but this is the view from the main bedroom at Lawson Park, surely this is a perfect opportunity for a balcony, a window, a skylight? but no unfortunately we are in the Lake District National Park where you are only allowed to enjoy the wonderful views if you're freezing to death in the rain in a cagoule.

On top of the world....not quite

Posted 2008/04/03 08:15
View into the cottage from above

While surveying the structure of the building from the scaffolding you can't help but notice the view, but as Barry our site manager points out "you don't really want to take your eye off that chimney to look".
I can see his point, especially as we're up here to look at how precarious parts of the dry stone walls are looking now the roof is off the cottage.