All quiet on the Western front

Posted 2008/05/14 12:50
In need of a vacation

Although we are all enjoying the fantastic weather it feels a bit like Butlins for plant equipment today at Lawson Park, they're sitting everywhere soaking up the sun, things are strangely quiet and although its a relief to be able to hear yourself think for a change, I am concerned there is so little activity on site with projected delays to the programme mounting up.

Work began yesterday on the undergrounding for the overhead power supply but has already been halted by repairs needed to their equipment, the ground source drilling crew were hoping to be finished on Friday but broke the head of their rig on the sixth hole tbc...meanwhile the two stonemasons quietly work away and Barry our site manager continues to make a valiant effort, I think I've seen him in nearly every machine on site today, but there is only so much one man can do! It seems, to the untrained eye (see webcam) that there’s plenty to do so I’m hoping the last few days have been a lull which will soon be followed by a mass of skilled labour flooding onsite to start rebuilding the new and improved Lawson Park (well maybe not a mass, we’re not in China now)

Enjoying the view

Place of birth : Lawson Park

Posted 2008/05/12 13:21
Joyce & Nancy Nicholson reminiscing

Visiting the site last week were Joyce Nicholson (left) and Nancy Nicholson-Sheffield, two sisters now living in Canada. Joyce had been born in Lawson Park, during her father's farming tenure here in the immediate postwar era.

Posted by Karen Guthrie on 2008/05/12 13:21

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It’s not the only thing thats grand

Posted 2008/05/11 16:36
cause of the stress the eco build nears completion

Last week the Grizedale team visited Grand Designs Live to seek out interesting products and materials for Lawson Park (more on this soon) While we were there we visited the eco house in the grand village they've been building in Royal Victoria Square as part of the show. Although they were trying to complete the house in a week they still had time to take advantage of the onsite masseuse! Not sure if I should post this picture in case we start getting requests for similar ‘facilities’ at Lawson Park.

its a hard job but someones got to do it

There’s nothing to see here

Posted 2008/05/02 18:34
What lies beneath?

After this weeks site meeting I thought there really was going to be nothing to see, quite literally, as more issues arise with the structure of the building requiring further demolitions. As we already knew additional barns and extensions have been added to the original cottage at a number of stages throughout the buildings history, but when the roof came of this section of the building it has revealed that most of these haven't been tied into the existing structure, making it difficult and potentially dangerous to carry out the alterations required. After much discussion, including calling the planners (which I usually try to avoid at all costs) , speculation and worry, it was agreed to follow my current mantra “save every square inch you can.”

It may appear quite extreme some of the work being carried out on the building but the majority of the demolitions, additional openings and changes of level are being undertaken to make the building accessible, which is not only desirable for us but also a requirement of building control and our funders. In the long run the hope is that this renovation will secure a productive future for Lawson Park, for many years to come.

Seeds a-hoy

Posted 2008/05/01 23:21

We use some excellent small-scale UK seed producers for our plants here:

Plant World Seeds in Devon
Local heroes Chiltern Seeds of Ulverston
Secret Seeds in Somerset- which I was thrilled to drive past earlier this week on a Exmoor reccie
Nicky's Seeds - good for unusual Asian vegetables

Posted by Karen Guthrie on 2008/05/01 23:21

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well, well, well

Posted 2008/04/30 17:51
Excavation for the sewage treatment plant

It might look like we’re digging a well but this is the hole for our new biodisc sewage treatment plant which will replace the old septic tank at Lawson Park.

Discussions continue on how we will supply water to the new building, the ground source heat drilling is beginning to show signs of discovering water but how you establish if this will consistently provide the quantity we require I'm not quite sure?? I guess that's why we have so many experts involved in the project. The alternative to the proposed water borehole is to revert to extracting and storing water from a nearby stream, which is how the existing building was supplied. The stream used to date is prone to running dry throughout the summer so we would need to relocate the supply and storage system to an alternative, more consistent stream on the site, which may need additional planning consent. This approach will needs us to confirm an average occupancy for the building throughout the year and agree how many weeks supply we would like to store, maybe we should be digging a well.

Old septic tank,ready for disposal