I am pleased to announce the demolitions are almost complete

Posted 2008/06/14 15:16

At last the major demolitions are nearing completion and the majority of the building is ready for the new concrete floors to be poured on Monday, this means work can begin on re-building the walls and everyone should start to see a difference on the webcam.


Theres always one..and its usually the last one

Posted 2008/06/14 14:32

This is what happens when you get a hole in your ground source heat pipes.. Sintec were back onsite this week to grout the pipes into the boreholes this involves pressure testing them first to make sure they'll work when the system is commissioned -good times. They couldn't get pressure in the last pipe which generally means theres a hole in it and they have to pull the 70m pipe out by hand and replace it -bad times

Now you see it now you don't

Posted 2008/06/14 14:20

The long awaited removal of the electricity pole, sited in the middle of the Lawson Park meadow, was completed this week. With a great deal of equipment, monster trucks and men on mobile phones in attendance, the removal of the pole and undergrounding work seemed to be completed relatively smoothly, it only seemed to be the small matter of flicking the switch to turn our electricity back on that was a problem, hence the delay in posting pictures of this great (and very expensive) event.


Posted by Lisa Stewart on 2008/06/14 14:20

Tagged with: electricity

Powerline.... offline

Posted 2008/06/12 10:18

For those avid viewers of the webcam who are wondering why it's not updating, the power to Lawson Park has been turned off whilst they run it underground, meaning no power to do anything on the farm. Normal service will resume next week.

Posted by Dorian Fraser-Moore on 2008/06/12 10:18

Work continues..

Posted 2008/05/30 15:48

Lecks temporary site manager oversees progress while Barry takes a well earned break.

So long farewell..

Posted 2008/05/28 14:00

After 6 weeks the drilling is finally complete and the rig is taken off site..phew