Hogmanay haul

Posted 2007/12/31 22:11

After several weeks of neglect following our temporary move away from Lawson Park, the Kitchen Garden looked a tad forlorn when I started my tidy-and-harvest session today. There were - surprisingly - quite a few passers-by despite the drizzle, but I do miss having the cats around when I'm there now - they however think nothing of their wild former home as they lounge among the central heating in our new place.
The Honesty Stall would have done good business had I anything green to spare for sale.
So - on the 31st December 2007 we harvested a basket of the following:
Turnip 'Golden Globe' (growing in the polytunnel)
Mixed salad (also in the tunnel)
Savoy cabbage
Lamb's lettuce
Black radish 'Hamburg' (insanely hot to taste)
Chrysanthemum greens
Parsnip 'Tender and true'
Beetroot 'Chioggia'
Brussel sprout 'Cavalier'

The worst weather here is yet to come, but I'm still justifiably chuffed with this for a Hogmanay haul...

Posted by Karen Guthrie on 2007/12/31 22:11

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The Pigs in the Bright Sky Looked Down Where He Lay

Posted 2007/12/20 13:25

Here's a drawing of life at Lawson Park by my talented niece Emma Quinn, who seems to have pictured the pigs as angels looking down on the human and feline inhabitants.

Posted by Karen Guthrie on 2007/12/20 13:25


Posted 2007/12/11 17:15

A go at the massive Lawson Park compost bins today revealed a tremendous worm community within the layer of shredded art junk mail within.

Posted by Karen Guthrie on 2007/12/11 17:15

Hasta la vista baby

Posted 2007/12/08 12:19

With the added pathos of God-awful weather last Monday, Lawson Park was emptied in readiness for the big refurb to start.All we have left behind are the mortal remains of the 2 Grizedale pigs, curing on a rafter in the upstairs bedroom to put off any would-be squatters.
The team from the movers Steeles packed with awesome speed, so much so we worried that the cats might be in one of the boxes. But they weren't, they're safe and well and relishing the centrally-heated temporary accommodation.

Posted by Karen Guthrie on 2007/12/08 12:19

Do I Know You?

Posted 2007/11/28 11:59

Processed pigs, or some of them anyway. That's a lot of work and a whole lotta pig. This picture shows the smoked and brined bacon and hams drying. In 3 - 4 months they will be ready to supplement the broad bean cafe. There are also a vast array of sausages - dried mainly - and rather too much brawn and potted meat. After you've done all that processing the one thing you don't want to do is eat pig.

Posted by Adam Sutherland on 2007/11/28 11:59

Little Lawson Park

Posted 2007/11/25 14:45

It's taken a while but finally and in time for the Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope's Leeds show - we have a finished Lilliput Lane model of Lawson Park, their vision of how it will be. This model along with the Japanese house will be editioned as a joint multiple of 21. The Japanese house will then be used in the village in Japan where the village will produce models for the gift market - an alternative product for the village, craft based and a bit different for Japan and hopefully a start of something new in terms of product. Lawson Park model will also be produced, not exactly sure what we will do with it to give it some bite, we will think of something, available on the honesty stalls soon.

I had kind of forgotten that art people find these things gross, the idea that some aesthetics are not acceptable seems strange now, these models just make me think about what it is that appeals so much, the smallness, the change of proportions, the image of the rural, of heritage, of life style fantasy. The magazine that Lilliput Lane put out (50,000) has many testamonials from buyers, touching explanations of the joy these things bring to thier owners, often linked to death, a vision of heaven. Laugh if you must.

Posted by Adam Sutherland on 2007/11/25 14:45

How it was

Posted 2007/11/05 18:55

Visited today by the grandson of the man that used to own Lawson Park back in the 1930's. He not only donated a Sycamore bowl he had made for the collection, but also had this photograph from 1937 of the house, an item that he and his family have treasured - a heart warming day

Posted by Adam Sutherland on 2007/11/05 18:55

Peter Hodgson - new line

Posted 2007/10/19 16:31

Peter Hodgson is a local man that works with horn, he makes beautiful spoons and other bits and pieces all of which have been selling very well through the honesty stalls, particularly the London one. He also makes these lovely funny drawings of animals which he sells as postcards. We thought it would be nice to make some simple cups for him to do his drawings on, so here's a few examples - £5 each off the stalls or direct + £2 p&p eveyone's a one-off.

Posted by Adam Sutherland on 2007/10/19 16:31

End of Season

Posted 2007/10/19 16:04

Garden is closing up for the year, somone stole the money box from the honesty stall last week, which is the first time so not bad really - here's an image of a happy summer and a film star good looks carrot. First frosts this week so mushrooms are really over, a disappointing year, but after last year we can't complain.


Posted by Adam Sutherland on 2007/10/19 16:04