Deer the size of cows

Posted 2007/03/14 20:00
That's a pound coin that is

The garden has taken a battering this week - as the spring shoots start to emerge the red deer start to move down the hill to pick off the green shoots, unfortunately that means coming through the garden and giving it a quick denuding as they pass. Worst victim has been a tree that was evidently the exact right height for belly scratching. I think it is just one deer that has been working us over, and it's one of the biggest I’ve ever seen (I haven’t actually seen it just prints) - I was convinced it was a cow! The Forestry could shoot it but are unwilling as it will be worth several hundred pounds to a sportsman seeking a good head, the hunters generally come from Germany, I always think it must be a bit strange for them shooting a stag between the mountain bikers and walkers.