Spring 2013 is Suspended

Posted 2013/04/14 19:55

All UK gardeners stand with bated breath at this time of year, but this Spring is a marked contrast to the last few here, where really warm days and droughts have not been uncommon. Though the rest of the country probably notices this year's very cold spring much more than we do here - where the growing season always starts late and finishes early - the last few days of warmth have been the first to break the unremittingly cold and snowy last few months.

Teensy green hawthorn leaves are beginning to unfurl in hedges, and our cherry plums, tough as boots, are just starting to flower (usually this happens mid / late March). The daffodil we have here, 'February Gold' (clue as to what it should do is in the name) has just opened its blooms, mid April.

The advantage of all this cold is that we can keep planting bare-rooted trees, a job we are way behind with, and start this season's big border clear up and mulch, which has usually all happened by now. So the suspended Sprin is a bit of a blessing for the disorganised like me :-)

Debris from 2013 = Compost for 2014

Posted by Karen Guthrie on 2013/04/14 19:55