Wales is in the lead

Posted 2010/11/21 15:40
Campbell Guthrie preparing the orchard in August 2010

The new orchard here has progressed a lot since intern Campbell Guthrie finished preparing the planting zones this summer, for 21 fruit trees. The orchard concept is to plant a selection of the hardiest varieties from Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland, each chosen for their suitability to this exposed and wet south westerly spot.

The first trees to arrive were the Welsh ones from the very helpful Gwynfor Growers, so these have been planted this weekend, metre squared spaces cleared of grass and now mulched with deep bracken. Each tree hole was dug square (following the new RHS advice) and fed with a handful of bonemeal and seaweed. Varieties chosen are Snowdon Queen (a pear found at 600 feet up the mountain - should love it here), and apples Cissy, Croen Mochyn, Pig Aderyn, St Cecilia &Bardsey Island.

Posted by Karen Guthrie on 2010/11/21 15:40