'I had such a wonderful time. It was transformative in my outlook on why I make art, why anyone makes art. It’s also given me such a burst of enthusiasm in general - that a life like that can be lived out, with so much joy in detail’.
(a 2018 volunteer)


Grizedale Arts has welcomed over 500 volunteers at Lawson Park in the decade since beginning the programme in 2009. Time spent with us has varied from a few days to a few months. 

From their feedback, we know that volunteers from all walks of life and of all ages have found their time with us to be thought-provoking, restorative, hard work and enjoyable. Their work and participation in the culture here is vital to continued development of the site. Some continue to work with us afterwards as Associate Artists or in other roles, whereas for others the experience is a one-off respite from a busy professional career or between academic courses of study.

You can read some Blogs by recent volunteers here.

Further information on applying can be found here on the Grizedale Arts website

In 2018 we took the decision to formalise the programme for a pilot year (2019) - with call-outs, deadlines for submissions and set weeks for 4 people at a time. This was motivated by wanting to make the experience better for the volunteers and more manageable for us a very small organisation.

Whilst most of our volunteers come from an arts background of some sort, many have a strong interest in experiencing an alternative to gallery and studio models of working. For us, the volunteering programme brings to us invaluable extra capacity from an exceptionally wide cross-section of interesting people, including those with life experiences, skills and qualifications that are very different from ours.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered with us. We have tried to list as many as we can remember below - but if you're not here and would like to be, don't be shy - email us a reminder!

Past Volunteers